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Can Pump and Pour

A product that saves sodas from pesky insects and also reserves freshness.

Invention Company Reviews

How other inventions came to fruition

Hot / Cold Therapy Brace for Wrists

The Problem:

Anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel or has ever had a wrist injury knows the difficulty of finding a product that offers support as well as pain relief. Most people end up awkwardly taping an ice pack around their hand, limiting their ability to perform day-to-day activities.

A Better Way:

We took our client's idea for such a product and combined it with our expertise to create the Hot / Cold Therapy Brace for wrists. It offers consumers full 360-degree therapy and joint support with a built-in gel system designed specifically to reduce swelling and relieve pain. It is freezable and microwaveable, depending on the user’s needs, and its reversible design allows for use on the left or right hand. Plus, it attaches quickly and effectively with hook-and-loop fasteners





Hot / Cold Therapy Brace for Wrists

The BikeBoard Freestyle

The Problem:

Our client came to us with an unusual and challenging request. He had built a rough model of his BikeBoard concept and went as far as taking it to various manufacturers. He was turned down and told that his product was simply not mass-producible.

A Better Way:

We applied our unique and proven development process and redesigned his product. This invention company made the BikeBoard so it could be mass-produced and shipped at a reasonable cost. In addition, we made it more fun to ride.

The Bikeboard Freestyle - A better way to ride and glide

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From learning the difference between Patents, Trade Secrets, Copyrights and Trademarks to creating a prototype and putting your finished product out on the open market, we can help. The invention process can be difficult without the proper guidance and support – even some of the world’s most recognized inventors have failed a time or two.

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Patenting an invention helps turn an idea into reality. A patent for an invention issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gives property rights to the inventor. There are many different types of patents that protect different types of inventions, but they all must satisfy the following requirements: the invention must be novel, the invention cannot be too obvious, and the invention must be clearly explained and documented.

A patent and invention service company can help you figure out if your idea is marketable and get you on track to secure the patent or trademark you need. However, some of these companies charge exorbitant prices and have a low success rate, meaning you may end up investing a lot of money into an idea and never seeing any return on that investment. Be sure to carefully screen any company before sending money or signing a contract of any kind.

The challenge of inventing and putting your invention ideas on company shelves.

Success in the world of innovation is all about getting your timing right. If you wait too long, someone else will have capitalized on a similar idea and captured your niche already. On the other hand, if your invention is the first of its kind, the market might not be ready — and you'll have to fight an uphill battle to carve out a place for your product. If you need invention help consultation, give us a call us at: .


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