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Marketing Support or Locating a Marketing Agent For You

We work with marketing companies that can help you market your new product and get paid for your ideas. From product planning and branding to product launch, our partners can help you make your new product or invention a success.

Development, Prototype Help and Marketing

From friendly and helpful support, and quality prototype design, we have a network of marketing companies to licensing professionals that can help you develop and market your new invention ideas.

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Why Is Marketing Important?

You could have the best idea in the world, but if people don’t know about, there’s no way to succeed. Marketing is about getting your product in front of the right eyes. At, we can put you in contact with companies that specialize in new product marketing. They can help you create a brand identity and establish advertising and sales strategies so that your product and message reach their intended audience.


Need Help With Your Invention or Product Idea?

Prototypes allow you to test your invention ideas, make changes, see what works and what doesn’t, and ensure that everything is safe for final production. They also allow you to easily share your ideas with other people involved in the development process. Depending on your invention, creating a prototype can be expensive; therefore, it’s not necessary in all cases to have a three-dimensional, working version of your product developed. However, if it is within your means to create a prototype, doing so can certainly be beneficial.


Invention Marketing Help

If you prefer to call us, you may reach a customer support representative at .


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

How can I get prototype help? Do I need one?

For more information, or if you’d like help creating a prototype of your own, please fill out the form above. Our partner companies can help you through the prototyping process.

How To Patent An Idea or Product? 

The patent process can be tricky, time-consuming and full of pitfalls. At, we can help you understand the patent process and how to get a patent. We work with top patent lawyers and patent agents, who can assist you from beginning to end. Answer the questions to the left to get help now..

Have you seen anything similar to your idea hit the market? 

Products are continually being introduced to the market. Take some time and research whether there are already new inventions like yours on store shelves. We can also help here with your idea.

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